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Carmela ~ Comp info


      Cathi ~ Camp info                 908-635-8524

All teams are welcome and will be judged
on the same score sheet whether
you are qualifying for an event or just looking for competition.

Everyone has the same chance to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place & win any bids given out!

Qualifying is just an extra bonus
given to interested teams.


Local Competitions ~~ National Style

We charge Per Team, Not per Person!

Discounts for Multiple Teams

Compare ours to theirs~No one gives you more!

We give 1st, 2nd ,& 3rd place medals in every division

Each team receives a trophy ~ Banners to Grand Champs

All our compeititions are

Spirit Brand Qualifiers 

Selected Venues offer 1 PAID BID

High school teams bring your JV free!

Selected venues are NJCDCA Certified

Special Needs & Parent Teams are FREE!

T-shirt Raffle

Certified Judges

Spring Floor/Tumble Trak/Seperate Warm up areas

Daddy & Mommy Jump Offs are always a crowd Pleaser!

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Jan 12, 2019

Montville, NJ

JAN 20, 2019

TimberCreeK HS

Feb 23, 2019

Dunn Center

March 24, 2019

TimberCreek HS

Dec 8, 2018

Dunn Center 

Congrats to  

Hanover Starz Sr L3 for winning the  


Pricing for all our competitions :

$125 per team for Rec/Schools if you sign up early (up to a month before) ...$150  after that

$150 per team for All Stars if you sign up early (up to a month before)..$175  after that

Bring 3 teams get 4th team free!!

ADMISSION to all our competitions is $10 .............under 5 free

Congrats to

East Jersey Jr L 3 for winning the

 $300 cash prize

Congrats to 
Legacy Jr L 1 for winning the $300

Cash Prize

Congrats to

East Coast Elite Jr L 3

for winning the


Congrats to

Motivated Youth L 1 for winning the