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Local Competitions ~ National Style!

All Events listed below designated are U.S. Finals Qualifier events. 
VERY IMPORTANT: The division in which you receive your bid must be the same division you compete in at The U.S. Finals!  GottaCheer will be offering 1 PAID BID at these events.  For more information, visit
3  Bids will be awarded at these competitions
For more information on Qualifying for this exciting Championship 
in Bermuda go to
All 2016/2017 competitions are 
USASF Sanctioned Events
Competitions with this logo are registered certified competitions.
Earn points at these competitions to qualify for the NJCDCA High School Cheerleading Group for more information go to:
1 Bermuda

All teams are welcome and will be judged 
on the same score sheet regardless
if you are qualifying for an event.

Everyone has the same chance to score and win 
1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place & win the $300 or $500 prize

Qualifying is just an extra bonus 
given to the interested teams.

New this Year!

1. Score Check

About 10 minutes after you perform you will recieve your deduction & difficulty  scores

If you feel an error has been made you can show us a video of proof and then a final decision will be made by the judges

You are responsible to have someone on your team video your performance.

2. Score Sheets
We will be using Varsity /Epic score sheet for All Stars & all Level Rec Teams
NJCDCA score sheets for High School & Rec 

3.  Intermediate Category for High School 
This category was created to allow teams with limited skills to compete on an even level with each other.
These teams will be scored on the Intermediate-Beginner scale on the category score sheet.
Click below for more information

ng soon!
Saturday December 10,2016
Dunn Center in Elizabeth, NJ 
US Finals Qualifier
1 Paid Bid will be awarded

Congratulations to 
 Bayonne Elite Cheer ~ Senior Onyx
for winning the Paid Bid!

January 22  -  Timber Creek HS  Erial, NJ

Congratulations to PolyTech HS winner of the
$300  Overall Grand Champ Award
All our 1 World Bermuda Bid Winners!

Sunday February 12
Pleasant Valley HS
Brodheadsville, PA

Congratulations to
Rebels Senior L 4
Overall Grand Champs
& $200 cash prize
   Saturday February 25
   Ridgefield Park HS
1 Ozzie Nelson Drive Ridgefield Park
1 World Bermuda Qualifier
3 Bids will be Awarded
1st Place Paid Bid
2nd Place Partial Bid
3rd Place At Large Bid
Spirit Brand Bids will also be awarded
$300 for Overall Grand Champ
USASF Sanctioned Event
click here

March 4 - Dunn Center Elizabeth, NJ
 US Finals Qualifier
 1 Paid Bid will be Awarded
Session 1 Rec   CLOSED/wait list
Session 2 High School/Middle School Open
Session 3 All Stars    CLOSED/wait list
Closed out

March 19 -  Timbercreek HS Erial, NJ
1 World Bermuda Qualifier
3 Bids will be Awarded
1st Place Paid Bid
2nd Place Partial Paid
3rd Place At Large Bid 
Spirit Brand Bids will also be awarded
$500 to Overall Grand Champ
USASF Sanctioned Event

Please use the email UGOTTACHEER@AOL.COM for any inquiries.  Thank you!

We Charge Per Team, Not Per Person!

Compare ours to theirs ~ No one gives you more!

We give 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place medals in every division

Every Team receives a Trophy

Championship Banners to Overall Winners

High Schools bring their JV FREE

Parent Teams are FREE

Special Needs are FREE

Coaches Raffle

Parents Raffle
DADDY & MOMMY Jump Offs 
are always a crowd pleaser!

So sign up and join the FUN!

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